Matrix Revolution™ Premium Brake Drum

/Matrix Revolution™ Premium Brake Drum

Matrix Revolution™ Premium Brake Drum


The Impeccable Machine-Balanced Brake Drum that outperforms conventional cast drums by miles.

Available by truckload only  (quantity of 380 drums). Please contact us for more info.


Impeccably balanced from the moment it rolls off the factory line, the Matrix Revolution™ premium brake drum redefines what it means to be the best. Yes, there’s more to this ultimate-performance brake drum than its eye-catching, steely finish and pristine, virgin ore makeup. So if you’re looking for a brake drum capable of going the extra mile — one that won’t wince at the first sign of a chuckhole — this is the one to roll with.

Indeed, superior strength and heat dissipation define this impressive, one-piece drum. Machined inner and outer walls ensure equal and consistent wall thickness. Uniform thermal expansion improves braking performance and solves brake judder or vibration. And cooler running temperatures extend performance life.

It’s the start of a revolution, all right. Only this one keeps rolling on and on. And we call it the Matrix Movement.

Benefit from Matrix Revolution™:

  • Ultimate-grade, virgin ore composition improves strength and heat dissipation (no scrap)
  • Machined inner and outer walls ensure equal and consistent wall thickness
  • Uniform thermal expansion prevents shape-shifting dimensions across temperature ranges
  • Evenly distributed heat lowers drum and lining operating temperatures
  • Cooler operating temperatures extends life of drum, linings, and even tires
  • Revolutionary design improves resistance to heat cracking, brake judder or vibration, even operator stress
  • Factory balancing eliminates need for balance cuts and weld-on weights
  • Improved braking performance and reduced maintenance costs go without saying
  • Even better paired with premium NeoBrake linings
  • Engineered to SAE metallurgical standards and meets OE specifications


Additional information

Weight 106 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 15 in