Matrix JamSeal™ Tool-less Wheel Seal

/Matrix JamSeal™ Tool-less Wheel Seal

Matrix JamSeal™ Tool-less Wheel Seal


The Matrix JamSeal™ tool-less wheel seal is made for lasting performance and easy no-sweat installation. Simply “jam” it into place and go.



The Matrix JamSeal™ tool-less wheel seal is a premium, heavy-duty wheel seal made for the long haul. And it’s even easier to install. Simply “jam” it into place and it hit the road. It not only performs better, it performs smarter. Made of the highest-grade components, time-tested over decades, for maximum service life. The Matrix JamSeal™ tool-less wheel seal installs faster and lasts longer to ensure OEMs and aftermarket customers superior performance.

JamSeal  Advantages:

  • Hand-installed, no tool necessary
  • Saves time—turns work into jam sessions
  • 3-piece cartridge design for uber-max strength
  • Greater surface contact sealing coverage
  • Compensates for hub inconsistencies
  • Hydrodynamic primary sealing lip
  • Lasts up to 3x longer than “leading” brands
  • Designed for use with semi-fluid 00 grease, recommended in conjunction with Matrix 460SFX™


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MJS73010, MJS73020, MJS73050, MJS73090, MJS73120, MJS73150, MJS73170, MJS73180, MJS73290, MJS73330, MJS73500